Rode NT5 Condenser Wired Professional Microphone

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Most professional mixing consoles have an internal

48 V supply; alternatively you can purchase a
separate supply. Ensure that the power supply you
use is a professional unit that is operating correctly.
Damage due to connection of the NT5 to a faulty
power supply is not covered by the warranty.
• The NT5 comes complete with a microphone
stand-mount (RM5). This should be used to attach
the microphone to a good quality stand.
The stand-mount includes a thread adaptor
allowing connection to either 3/8” or 5/8”
stand thread.
• Always use a high quality microphone cable and
ensure that it is wired Pin 1 screen, Pin 2 (+), Pin 3 (-).
You may of course use XLR-XLR, XLR-jack or XLRmini-jack depending on your input socket.
*Online product registration required.
- 6 -
• We recommend that any connections made to the
mixer or recorder are made with the attenuation
(gain) set to OFF.
• When first switching the mixer on and phantom
power has been applied to the NT5, or when the
battery power has just been switched on, you
should allow several seconds for the microphone to
• To ensure the lowest noise/distortion your mixer
input gain control should be set so that the Peak
Program Indicator (PPI) LED flashes ON during
peaks of the source (voice/instrument).
If there is no PPI, adjust the input gain while
listening for distortion of the sound. If distortion is
heard, gradually reduce the gain until it is no longer
• Microphone technique, or how to get the sound
you want, requires experimentation.
We suggest that you start with the channel EQ
set to ‘OFF’ or ‘FLAT’ (no boost or cut). Try to get
the sound you want by placing either reflective or
absorbent panels at various angles adjacent to the
source being recorded.
• Changing the acoustic properties of the space
around the microphone is our recommended initial
approach for obtaining best sound quality.
Remember you cannot change a room’s acoustic
properties with EQ.
When the preferred sound has been achieved
(as above) then EQ and effects such as reverb
or indeed any signal processing can be used for
enhancement, but should be used sparingly.
- 7 -
• Please note that whether using NT5s in mono,
stereo, as overheads or for close miking
of instruments, there is no substitute for
experimentation in achieving optimum positioning.
Move the NT5, adjust the gain, and ensure that the
sound you are monitoring is the sound you prefer.
If it is not, make adjustments.
The NT5’s frequency response and SPL handling
enable it to respond well to most musical
instruments and with correct use, we are confident
of your satisfaction.
It is important that you listen to the sound source
naturally before you begin mic set up for recording
(ears only). If you don’t like what you hear, you won’t
like what you record!

Technical Details

• Full (externally biased) Condenser
• Gold sputtered ½” capsule
• Heavy-duty satin nickel-plated body
• Surface mount technology
• Low noise
• Full frequency response
• Designed & manufactured in Australia
• Full 10 year guarantee*
Using the NT5
• The NT5 requires a power supply which for
optimum results should be a ‘P48’ standard,
48 Volt DC Supply.

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