Metrodata WCM1100 Managed LAN Extender over E1 or T1

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The WCM1100 is a member of the MetroCONNECT family, offering Managed LAN extension over either Clear-Channel or Fractional E1 or T1 Wide Area Networks. The WCM1100 supports two RJ45 LAN interfaces. A further LAN interface is provided via an SFP port, offering the flexibility of an RJ45 or a wide variety of fibre interface options. Over-sized Ethernet frames, of up to 2048 bytes are supported.

Ethernet VLANs are supported, either by pass-through of existing Tags or by the Push and Pop of Tags on ingress and egress at Ethernet ports. Pre-embedded prioritisation schemes can be honoured, or alternatively, prioritisation can be over-written under Management control. Bandwidth limitation per port and per prioritisation can be implemented, providing a mechanism for differentiated QoS for multiple services.  Management is offered via each of; Serial Terminal connection, Telnet, SNMP or Web Browser application. Management security is offered via SSH and TACACS+ authentication. Support is also offered for ‘Carrier Ethernet’ Link OAM Management (IEEE802.3ah), enabling status information to be shared with connected equipment if required.

In line with all other members of the MetroCONNECT Ethernet Service Delivery family, the WCM1100 supports Metrodata’s ‘zero-touch’ the installation process, eliminating the need for skilled resources for remote-site installations.


Technical Details


2x 10/100/1000baseT port with auto-




negotiation and Jumbo frame support




RJ45 (Auto Crossover MDI/MDIX)



Operating modes

Auto Negotiate, 10M, 100M, 1000M




Full Duplex, Half Duplex




Link Activity, Speed








1000Base-X Fibre Interface







SFP Port

IEEE802.3z 1000Base-X




Dual LC








SFP 1000Base SX








850nm Multimode



Max Rx input power

0 dBm



Rx sensitivity

-17 to 0 dBm



Optical loss budget

7.5dB (550m)



Tx power

-9.5 to -3 dBm








SFP 1000Base LX








1300nm Singlemode



Max Rx input power

0 dBm



Rx sensitivity

-17 to 0 dBm



Optical Loss budget

9.5dB (10km)



Tx power

-9.5 to -3 dBm










Compliance & Approvals








EN60950, IEC-60825-1




(Class 1 Laser Eye Safety)




EN55022, EN50082









WCM1100 WAN Port Specs



Fractional E1 or T1



75 ohm dual BNC,



120 ohm RJ45,


T1 100 ohm RJ45

Line Rate


2.048 Mbps, T1 1.544 Mbps


Internal or loop


HDLC, GFP G.8040


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