MDO UK AudioTX STL-IP audio codec

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AudioTX STL-IP can send and receive live audio over IP Networks and the Internet. Designed for broadcast and professional audio use, STL-IP combines extremely robust, high-quality audio with a low delay.

AudioTX STL-IP can send and receive Linear (uncompressed) audio, or bitrate reduced audio using Professional MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3, near transparent J.41, ADPCM, G.722 and LB-1 (very low bitrate coding for speech) audio coding algorithms. Audio can be Mono or Stereo, and can use a wide range of sample rates and bitrates to suit most requirements.

One single STL-IP unit can send y our audio to up to 6 separate ‘destinations’ if required. Each ‘destination’ can use TCP/IP, UDP or UDP Multicast networking (allowing you to send audio to an infinite number of remote locations ) and can source the audio from the built-in MPEG or ADPCM encoders, or use Linear or J.41 audio modes. STL-IP can receive audio from one remote location.

Technical Details
  • STL (Studio to Transmitter Links)
  • Programme Distribution and Sharing
  • Outside Broadcasts (Remotes)
  • Intercom, talkback and contribution circuits for TV and Radio
  • Live audio from IP Satellite trucks
  • Live audio over broadband internet
  • An instant audio tieline over your existing network infrastructure
  • Multicast audio distribution over Telco networks, Satellite, LAN/WAN and all multicast capable networks for efficient live audio distribution
  • Delivery of live audio to Satellite uplink points
  • Permanent and ad-hoc broadcast quality audio connectivity between sites and studios
  • General Studio connectivity, and a wide range of other broadcast audio applications

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