MAXX-2400 Broadcast Server 2 input 4 output SDI , 700 hours of storage at 12 Mb/sec

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MAXX 2400 is fully compatible with leading automation systems, and is ideally suited as a play-to-air server, as a cache for satellite ingest, for graphics storage, in weather systems, remote trucks, and for extra channels in DTV broadcast.

Operationally, MAXX 2400 is a two-channel video recorder, a four-channel playout server, and a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capability. Standard features include both composite and SDI video ports, and frame synchronizers for recording wild sources like tape and satellite feeds. Audio formats include SDI-embedded audio, and your choice of AES/EBU digital or +4 balanced analog. Gold plated XLR connectors make it easy to install MAXX at existing facilities. There’s never a need to buy outboard interfaces.

• Double fault-tolerant RAID-6 protection of stored program material 
• Over 700 hours of program storage at 12 Mb/sec 
• Two input channels with frame sync (bi-directional)
• Four outputs: two dedicated, two bi-directional 
• SDI & Composite video on inputs and outputs
• Redundant power and cooling 
• Includes DV, TARGA graphics, File Trimming, Advanced Playlisting, and As-Run logs 
• Workstation software creates remote stations for ingest, edit, playlisting and playout 
• File import & export on Gigabit Ethernet 
• +4 analog, AES/EBU digital, and embedded audio. 
• 4 audio channels per video channel 
• Fast search functions, new folder-based directory 
• Full-featured Graphic User Interface 
• Hot-swap drives with easy front access 
• IMX® transfers with Final Cut Pro® (optional) 
• The industry leader in price and performance

Technical Details


Video Input2 Channels
Video Outputs4 Channels
Simultaneous video streams4 (2 record 2 playout, 1 record 3 playout, or 4 playout)
HD Input/OutputHD-SDI, SMPTE 292M, 75Ω BNC
Video Format1080i at 29.97 or 25 Hz; 720p at 59.94 or 50 fps
Encoding FormatJPEG-2000, to 125 Mb/Sec
Jog/ShuttleZero to 128X, forward/reverse
Slow Motion Play with audioZero to 1X, reverse; Zero to 2X, forward
Frame AccuracyFrame accurate play, pause and stop
Monitor OutputsComposite video down-scaled from HD in NTSC (525) or PAL (625).
Genlock Input60 Hz: Blackburst SMPTE 170 M; 50 Hz: ITU-R BT.470; 75W BNC


Ancillary DataRecord up to 6 lines of VANC in 1080i or 12 in 720p
LTC InputTwo, 75Ω BNC

AUDIO INPUTS / OUTPUTS (per video channel)

SDI Embedded Audio8 channels – SMPTE 299M
Analog Audio Input, +4 dBu, balanced, XLR-3 connectors4 Channels with optional AXP-3 I/O panel. 8 Channels with AXP-3 and AXP-4 I/O panel
Digital Audio Input, AES/EBU, XLR-3 connectors8 Channels with DXP-1 I/O panel.
Bit-for-Bit® data handlingTransparent to Dolby®-E, AC-3
Audio coding48KHz, 24-bit, linear PCM
Frequency response10 Hz to 20 kHz ± .1 dB
Dynamic Range (analog)112 dB
Distortion (analog)<.002% THD @ full scale -1 dB


Disk Storage SystemSerial ATA array, eight – 1 or 2 Terabyte drives, Hardware RAID 5 controller
Total Capacity16 Terabytes EX model (8 Terabytes HD model)
Drive ReplacementHot Swappable, removable from behind front panel


NetworkingGigabit Ethernet
Ethernet TransportJPEG-2000 files, Remote GUI control, machine diagnostic files
Serial Control4, VDCP or Odetics protocols, 9-pin on CXP-1 module (included).
GPI Control12 Inputs, Outputs, Programmable


Fault Monitoring LEDsFront Panel LEDs, power, genlock, fans, system, RAID
Fault Monitoring OutputGPI output, open collector
Software UpdatesCD-ROM
Power SupplyDual Redundant, 100-250V – 50/60 Hz. 460W, rear panel plug-in
CoolingRedundant slow-speed fans
Chassis2-RU x 19” Rack, Weight: approx 51 lb. (23 kg)


Model AXP-3 Analog Audio4 inputs/outputs per video channel, +4 balanced on XLR. Self powered, redundant supplies. Add AXP-4 for 8 analog channels. 2-RU each
Model DXP-1 AES/EBU Audio8 inputs/outputs per video channel, AES/EBU on XLR. Self powered, redundant supplies. 2 RU
CXP-1Serial and GPI control module. 1 RU (standard)

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