Matrox XMIO 24 8000L With Breakout Cables & Daughter Card

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  • Brand: Matrox
  • Model Number: Matrox XMIO/24/8000L
  • Product Code: BS16322
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Matrox X.mio

Matriox Multi-Channel HD and SD I/O card


            Single-slot PCI-X card

            Two multi-rate HD/SD SDI video inputs or one video + key

            Four multi-rate HD/SD SDI video outputs or two video + key

            8-in/16-out balanced AES/EBU audio I/O channels

            16 embedded audio I/O channels per SDI stream

            RP188 and VBI support

            Analog blackburst reference input (tri-level or bi-level)

            Onboard HD to SD down converter

            Onboard pixel-based 2D DVE engine for HD and SD

            Onboard compositor with RGBA to YUVA converter for HD and SD

            Automatic video relay bypass and watchdog support

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