Matrox X mio3 FH For VizRT 1

  • $4,950.00

  • Brand: Matrox
  • Model Number: X mio3 FH
  • Product Code: BS19151-1
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Matrox Xmio 3 FH 42/550 Upgraded from VizRT.

X.mio3 FH provides multichannel SDI IO with hardware based video processing in a full-height, half-length PCI express card with 13 physical HD-BNC connectors. This card provides up to 12 reconfigurable I/Os, from SD to 4K, one connector is reserved for sync.( please note that only 6 lines are active)  Support for AES/EBU, LTC and GPIO provide for versatile connectivity. The multi-channel hardware processing accelerates compute-intensive operations including motion-adaptive de-interlacing, up/down/cross scaling and mixing/compositing for all resolutions, including 4K.

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