leitch MTG-3901 Master Timing Generator System

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The MTG-3901 Master Timing Generator System reaffirms Leitch's leadership in reference signal systems. The revolutionary new the architecture of the MTG-3901 Master Timing Generator System sets new standards for performance, reliability, and value.

The MTG-3901 Master Timing Generator System is comprised of a primary and secondary MTG-3901 master timing generator module and ACO-3901 automatic changeover module all fully integrated within a single NEO frame. This revolutionary architecture, in addition to its high-density packaging, offers enhanced reliability when compared to conventional reference generator architectures.

Conventional reference systems are typically composed of separate master-clock and sync-pulse-generator systems. When combined with their own standalone automatic changeover units, these SPG systems consume additional costly rack space. In addition, these standalone systems are typically more expensive and lack sophisticated communication and redundancy features.


Technical Details

• Automatic changeover unit on a single module.

• Installed with a primary and redundant MTG-3901 in a single frame for maximum density.

• Switching of all MTG-3901 output signals for enhanced reliability

• Remote configuration and monitoring via Leitch CCS.

• Hot-swappable front module with no loss of output signals.


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