Master SPG & Pattern generator

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  • Brand: Courtyard
  • Model Number: CY490A
  • Product Code: BS16017
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Courtyard CY490a master high definition HDSDI spg includes SDI and composite option also

PAL and NTSC format

Model is CY490A 

Includes SDI, HD and pulse option.

Technical Details
  • Ident option to put name on screen etc for any test pattern output for HD / SD / composite. can be fixed or can be scrolling etc
  • 2x HDSDI high definition test pattern outputs (includes embedded audio option). includes ident option to put name on screen etc
  • 2x HDSDI balck outputs
  • 1x SDI pattern output with embedded audio
  • aes 1/2 and AES 3&4  BNc audio outputs
  • aes 5+6 and 7+8 audio output via 9pin serial port
  • analog audio output via 9pin serial port
  • 8x analog composite black outputs 
  • 2x  analog composite test outputs (1 pattern but available on 2x separate BNc outputs)
  • P4/LTC bnc output
  • P3 / LTC bnc ouput 
  • P2 / LTC bnc output
  • P1 / LTC bnc output
  • analog component PR/PB/ Y  output
  • 1x SUB output
  • 1x reference black input with loop thru
  • 1x rs232 control port

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