Marshall Electronics V-R171-IMD-HDSDI 17" HD Monitor

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Marshall Electronics V-R171-IMD-HDSDI 17" HD Monitor

The V-R171X-IMD-HDSDI is a full-resolution 17” LCD monitor with an HD-SDI input and In-Monitor Display functionality – a cost-effective "all-in-one" solution for post-production houses, broadcasters, and mobile units. This fully integrated approach eliminates the need for additional or separates Under Monitor Displays. UMD information and tallies can be displayed directly within a Marshall flat panel monitor while saving precious rack space. A variety of features are readily available, including on-screen Video Time Code, three-color "Soft" Tallies, Audio Presence Indicator, and a new RotoMenuTM feature that allows fast, direct, and easy menu navigation.

The V-R171X-IMD-HDSDI integrates easily with existing Tally systems and controllers, including Image Video, TSL, and MEI protocols. This low profile unit benefits from low weight and power consumption when compared to similar CRT products and separate Under Monitor Display configurations. The V-R171X-IMD-HDSDI is a perfect solution for video applications and systems.

The V-R171X-IMD-HDSDI offers a single HDSDI/SDI input with active loop-through capability. Additional features include color temperature adjustment, adjustment settings memory, frame markers, Pixel-to-Pixel mode, Blue Only mode, and user-definable function buttons. The V-R171X-IMD-HDSDI can also be used as a standalone display with HD-SDI loop-through.

Technical Details

1920 x 1200 Full Resolution 17” Panel

The V-R171X-IMD-HDSDI features an all-digital TFT-MegaPixel active matrix LCD system with 1920x1200 native 2 resolution.TheLCDpanelfeaturesabrightnessof400cd/m anda600:1contrastratiomakingitidealinavarietyof environments and lighting conditions.

In-Monitor Display

In-Monitor Display allows on-screen text and tally indication, controlled locally or remotely via a variety of industry-standard protocols.

OSD Features

Embedded time code and an embedded audio presence indicator can be displayed on the screen in a variety of configurations.

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