Marshall Electronics V-LCD70XP-3GSDI Field Monitor

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The V-LCD70XP-3GSDI is a 7.0” high-definition widescreen LCD monitor featuring our completely digital TFT-MegaPixel active matrix LCD platform. With built-in focus assist and false color filters, this monitor is ideal as a light-weight high resolution viewfinder or focus-assist monitor. Our proprietary digital signal processing features 10-bit A/D conversion of all analog signals, with 4X over-sampling and 5-line super-adaptive 2D comb filtering of composite signals. De-interlacing is performed using our HyperProcess algorithm with motion adaptive interpolation. Multi-format compatibility accommodates virtually all video formats including NTSC/PAL, 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p. The 3G-SDI input supports Triple Rate 3G/HD/SD video signals. Adjustable color temperature enables the most precise color representation possible. Advanced features include aspect ratio settings, a variety of screen markers, underscan mode, blue-only mode, monochrome mode, H/V delay, Pixel-to-Pixel mode, and 3G-SDI Input Format selection.

 Marshall Electronics V-LCD70XP-3GSDI Field Monitor

Technical Details

High-Resolution 7.0” Widescreen Panel

The V-LCD70XP-3GSDI features an all-digital TFT-MegaPixel active matrix LCD system with 1.2 million pixels. The LCD panel features a brightness of 450 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 600:1 making the display ideal in a variety of environments and lighting conditions.

Multi-Format Compatibility

The V-LCD70XP-3GSDI accommodates many video standards with Composite Video, YPbPr and 3G-SDI inputs. Accepted formats include NTSC/PAL, 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1035i, 1080i, as well as 3G formats including 1080p-60.

End-to-End Digital Signal Processing

Analog input signals are digitized using an advanced 10-bit process with 4x over-sampling, 5-line super-adaptive 2D comb filtering, and exacting color space conversion. Video is scaled to fit on the screen in the highest possible resolution using a state-of-the-art LSI that incorporates precision gamma correction and our HyperProcess motion adaptive interpolation for interlaced images.

ColorMatch Conversion with Color Temperature Adjustment

Emulation of SMPTE-C/EBU color space allows the V-LCD70XP-3GSDI to replace any broadcast CRT monitor. Presets include D55, D65 and D93. Bias and Gain adjustment for each color enables precise color matching and white balance.

Focus-Assist, False Color Filter, and other Advanced Features

Focus-Assist, False Color filter, Aspect ratio settings, underscan mode, blue-only mode, monochrome mode, and H/V delay are a few of the advanced features which make the V-LCD70XP-3GSDI at home in any broadcast environment. The 3G-SDI Input allows display of incoming SDI, HD-SDI and 3G formats in the 4:2:2 YUV or 4:4:4 RGB color space. Pixel-to-Pixel mode also allows native display of any incoming image format.

Adjustable Screen Markers

A variety of screen markers in 4:3, 16:9, and full screen modes allow accurate monitoring of the different aspect ratios used in broadcast environments. User Markers allow for custom aspect ratio, cropping framing, etc.

Image Flip

Vertical image flip allows for flexibility in mounting the monitor in many positions.

User-Definable Function Buttons

Four user-definable function buttons on the front-panel allow quick access to numerous settings and features including focus-assist, false color filter, aspect ratio, screen markers, monochrome mode, color temperature, delay mode, and more.

User-Interchangeable Battery Adapters

Several battery adapter options accommodate a wide variety of professional batteries and camcorder batteries.


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