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Brand: Marantz Model: PMD331
The Marantz PMD331 is a professional CD player designed for use in various audio applications, including broadcasting, sound reinforcement, and recording. Here are some general features and specifications of the Marantz PMD331 CD player based on historical information:Professional Design:The..
Marantz PMD650U Portable MD Recorder Marantz PMD650U Portable MD Recorder
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Brand: Marantz Model: PMD650U
The Marantz Professional PMD650 has been designed from the ground upwards as a fully professional portable MiniDisc recorder. Following a long heritage of professional portable recorders, the PMD650 includes many of the original design concepts which have established Marantz Professional as a world..
Brand: Marantz Model: PMD660
Marantz PMD660 Handheld Digital Voice RecorderField recording means more than just "battery-operated." It takes ruggedness, flexibility, specialized features, and the highest audio quality. It also takes experience to really understand what happens in the field, and to design the right tools for the..
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