Marantz PMD650U Portable MD Recorder

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The Marantz Professional PMD650 has been designed from the ground upwards as a fully professional portable MiniDisc recorder. Following a long heritage of professional portable recorders, the PMD650 includes many of the original design concepts which have established Marantz Professional as a world leader in the field.

These features combine with the latest generation Minidisc mechanisms giving unparalleled recording and editing facilities, a 20 second recording buffer for extra confidence while on the move and fully professional Analogue and Digital interfacing. The Marantz Professional PMD650 Portable MiniDisc recorder - the only solution for Portable MiniDisc.

Marantz PMD650U Portable MD Recorder

Technical Details
  • XLR mic/line inputs, Digital XLR output Professional connectors for versatility
  • Dual Level Mono recording A Secondary Safety Track recorded at -15 dB
  • 48V Phantom power For Higher Quality Condenser Microphones
  • SP and LP mode Gives 74 minutes of Stereo or 148 minutes of Mono recording
  • One touch Instant Recording One Push for Immediate Record Mode
  • Level Sync Recording (LSR) Recording starts automatically from an Audio Trigger

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