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Brand: LODESTAR Model: LS1130
The LODESTAR LS1130 is a single-output DC power supply designed to provide regulated DC power for electronic circuits and devices. It offers an adjustable voltage output of up to 30V and a current output of up to 3A. This power supply is a versatile tool used in electronics and electrical testin..
Brand: LODESTAR Model: LS1330
The LODESTAR LS1330 is a triple-output DC power supply, offering three independent output channels with different voltage and current settings. It is a versatile tool commonly used in electronics and electrical testing applications. Providing regulated DC power to multiple electronic circuits an..
Brand: LODESTAR Model: LS3002
The LODESTAR LS3002 is a digital function generator with a 2MHz frequency capability, typically sold as an "Openbox" product. This device is used for generating various electronic waveforms and signals for testing and measurement purposes. It may be available in open-box packaging, indicating it..
Brand: LODESTAR Model: LS3005
The LODESTAR LS3005 is a digital function generator with a 5MHz frequency capability, typically sold in "Openbox" packaging. This device is used for generating various electronic waveforms and signals, commonly used in testing and measurement applications. "Openbox" indicates that it might be an..
Brand: LODESTAR Model: LS4020
The LODESTAR LS4020 is an analog oscilloscope with a 20MHz bandwidth. It is a test and measurement instrument used for visualizing and analyzing electrical waveforms in various electronic circuits and systems.  LODESTAR LS4020 Analog OSCILLOSCOPE 20Mhz..
Brand: LODESTAR Model: LS5627
The LODESTAR LS5627 is a frequency counter with a frequency measurement capability of up to 2.7GHz. Frequency counters are instruments used to measure the frequency of electronic signals, making them essential tools for various applications in electronics, telecommunications, and RF (radio frequ..
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