Livewire AXIA 8X8 AES/EBU node Rack mount

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  • Model Number: 8X8 AES/EBU Node
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Axia Livewire 8x8 Audio Node has 8x8 AES nodes have AES3 inputs and outputs. Therefore, each 8x8 Node can create 8 stereo Livewire streams, each of which becomes available to other devices on the Livewire network.

Each stereo output can be assigned to output a stereo Livewire stream acquired from the network.

Basic point-to-point (e.g. “Livewire Snake”) appli- cations require only two Livewire nodes and a category 6 “Crossover Ethernet cable”. More sophisticated mul- tipoint networks can be used by connecting multiple Livewire nodes to an appropriate Ethernet Switch.

Technical Details

The Axia AES Node provides eight digital AES3 inputs and outputs. The Axia AES/EBU Node can also be employed as a 1x8, 2x4, 2x8, etc. AES distribution amplifier by using any of the AES inputs to feed the eight AES outputs. Create an Ethernet audio snake with AES/EBU Nodes at each end; a single 100Base-T link can be used to send and receive 8 stereo audio channels, eliminating old-fashioned multi-pair cable. Node can be used to receive AES house master clock to synchronize the entire Livewire network. Stunning performance specs like 138dB of dynamic range and <0.0003% THD. Requires one unused 100Base-T Ethernet port for connection to an Axia network. Auto-sensing power supply, 90VAC to 240VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz. 30 Watts. Rackmount, 1RU.

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