Linear Acoustic Audio/Loudness Manager LA-5100

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Linear Acoustic Audio/Loudness Manager LA-5100 

The is a simplified version of the Linear Acoustic AERO.air series of transmission loudness managers. It contains the same integrating long-term loudness controller, multiband short-term loudness controllers, UPMAX upmixing engine, and automatic, metadata, and GPI control

Specific processing presets and adjustments are discussed in Chapter 5.

Figure 1-1 shows the internal audio path of the It should be noted that this diagram is a general representation of signal flow and shows the optional Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoder. Please consult the appropriate section of this manual for specific functionality.

Technical Details

The Linear Acoustic AERO.oneTM is a compact transmission loudness controller and up-mixer with the following features:

•AEROMAX® 5.1 channel loudness control engine

•UPMAX® world-proven upmixing engine with AutoMAX-IITM auto upmixing

•Dedicated full-time LtRt or LoRo stereo downmix output

•Dedicated EAS input

•GPI/O control of upmixing and EAS insertion functions

•Industry-leading metadata functionality for optimized processing

•Relay bypass of audio, SDI, and metadata connections for fail-safe operation

•HD/SD-SDI I/O with access to all 16 channels plus VANC metadata

•Dual redundant power supplies

•Optional dual Dolby® Digital (AC-3) encoder for 5.1 and stereo audio


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