Linear Acoustic AEROMAX DTV Digital Television Audio Processor

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Linear Acoustic AEROMAX DTV Digital Television Audio Processor

The Linear Acoustic AEROMAX-5.1 Digital Audio Processor is a state-of-the-art multi- band broadcast audio dynamic range and loudness processor capable of accepting up to 5.1 channels of audio plus an Emergency Alert System (EAS) signal, processing the audio, upmixing the first pair if desired, and replacing this audio with the EAS input.

The unit outputs 5.1 processed channels (or unprocessed when in EAS mode), as well as a full time stereo compatible LtRt version of the main audio channels. AEROMAX-5.1 includes metadata functionality where professional audio metadata (i.e. Dolby Metadata) can be applied to the unit to minimize processing and control functions such as upmixing automatically. AEROMAX 5.1 protects against loss of incoming meta- data with reversion modes that allow application of plant reference loudness values.

The resulting audio is clean, consistent, and appropriately dynamic - perfect for transmis- sion to all consumers via Dolby Digital (AC-3) or any other format. The unit features a simple user interface to allow straightforward control of the unit. Rather than optioning out features, the current unit ships complete with all relevant features providing consisten- cy of operation and sound quality no matter where the unit is installed.

Technical Details

• Advanced multiband dynamic range processing for up to six channels of audio; in- cludes input AGC, multiband compression, multiband limiting, distortion free look- ahead peak limiting, and selectable multiband source noise reduction

• Advanced metadata support provides high-quality watchdog to ensure that content matches authored metadata and to correct the audio if necessary, and minimal audio processing when values are correct

• Selectable upmixing of Main Input 1/2 (Left/Right front) using industry standard UP- MAXTM 2-channel to 5.1 channel upconversion algorithm with AutoMAX-II automat- ic upmixing control

• Digital or balanced analog EAS/AUX input for post-processing insertion of emergen- cy audio program or other audio material

• LtRt or LoRo downmix of main audio program available full-time via digital and ana- log monitor outputs

• Autoranging power supply for world-wide use

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