Lindos LA101 audio oscillator

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The LA100 Audio Analyser is a complete audio test system in daily use worldwide by broadcasters, manufacturers, researchers, telecommunications and studio engineers

The LA100 comprises the LA101 Audio Oscillator and the LA102 Audio Measuring Set. These can be supplied as two separate units, or mounted together in a single 19" rack mount case (referred to as the LA100R). The units have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which trickle charge when mains power is connected, making them as portable as a multi-meter - ideal for both field and bench applications.

Technical Details
  • Measures Level, Frequency, Phase, Noise, Crosstalk, Distortion, Rumble, W&F
  • Used by broadcasters world-wide
  • Low distortion synthesised oscillator
  • Fully floating 10,75 & 600 outputs
  • Lindos standard test sequences for fast automatic testing
  • Frequency response display
  • Pass/fail tolerance limits
  • Built in mains/rechargeable lithium-ion battery operation
  • Prints directly to Epson and HP compatible printers
  • Serial computer interface for remote control
  • Lin4WinXP Windows support software included
  • Back-lit LCD with high contrast and wide viewing angle
  • Fast auto-ranging with manual override

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