Lightning Surge Protector F-Female to F-Female DC-3

  • $30.00

  • Brand: L-Com
  • Model Number: AL-FFFF
  • Product Code: BS18097
  • Availability: In Stock
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Lightning Protector Model AL-FFFF is a high quality 75 Ohm gas discharge tube suppressor featuring wide-band operation up to 3 GHz. This unit features an F-Female to F-Female connector.

Due to its low cost and superior RF performance, this unit is ideal for protecting Cable Television Receivers, Cable Modems, CCTV Cameras, DSS Receivers, VSAT equipment, DBS installations and more. Since this protector will pass DC, it is suitable for applications where DC is carried through the coax cable, such as remote amplifiers and LNB's and down-converters.

Both connector ports of this unit are equally protected. This provides protection no matter which way it is installed. Either port can face the antenna and either port can face the equipment.

The unit's replaceable gas tube element, multi-strike capability, and fast response time make it suitable for a wide range of applications. A ground lug and terminal are supplied directly on the lightning protector housing, which provides superior grounding.

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