Leitch WECO 930HFL Terminal connector

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  • Product Code: BS17641
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Leitch WECO 930HFL Terminal connector

These products were created for the broadcasting and video production industries but can be used in all applications where a small wire gauge is needed. Series 930-HFL features a handle to simplify vertical in-line insertion and removal and is designed to provide strain relief for the terminated wires.

Self-locking snap-in feature when used with the 931-HSL and 930-HSL headers.

The plug and header are designed to prevent accidental separation of the two parts.

Horizontal and vertical plug-in versions are available, both versions feature 3 poles and 3.5 mm center to center spacing.


Technical Details

Technical Data

Center to Center Spacing: 3.500 mm (0.138 in)

Nominal Cross Section: 0.75 mm2 (1162.5 mils2)

Wire Stripping Length: 5.000 mm (0.197 in)

Bill of Materials

Molding : Polyamide, Self extinguishing UL 94, V-0

Color : Black

Temperature limits :

Short Time : 200°C (392°F)

Continuous : 105°C (221°F)

Low Limit : -40°C (-40°F)

Comparative Tracking Index : CTI ? 600 V

Oxygen Index Rating : 31 %

Terminal Body: Nickel plated copper alloy

: Nickel silver

Contact Spring: Tin plated copper alloy

Screw: Slotted head, zinc plated blue passivated, steel substrate M2

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