Leitch VFS6800+ Video Frame Synchronizer

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: VFS6800+
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The VFS6800+ frame synchronizer contains a genlock reference signal and provides an audio synchronization signal for a complimentary audio card. It allows infinite phasing relative to reference and passes all ancillary data. You can connect both NTSC and PAL-B reference video signals at the same time to allow automatic switching between 525 and

625 line standards. You can set up, control, and monitor the VFS6800+ either locally via card-edge switches or remotely on a PC using CCSTM PilotTM, CCS CoPilotTM, CCS NavigatorTM, or +Pilot LiteTM control software. For remote control, you can use either a serial RS-232 or optional


ICE6800+ Ethernet connection.

Other VFS6800+ features include the following:

• 10-bit processing

• SDI processing amplifier with adjustments for black level,

luminance gain, chrominance gain, hue, and black and white clip

• Internal test signal generator

• Input signals:

• Serial digital SMPTE 259M

• Genlock

• 3 GPI inputs for compatibility with older frames

(double-slot VFS6800+DR back connectors only)

• Output signals:

• Three synchronized serial digital SMPTE 259M outputs

(single-slot VFS6800+SR back connectors only provide two)

• One reclocked original serial digital SMPTE 259M input

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