Leitch RCP-ABA1-XYP Alphanumeric Breakaway remote Panel

  • $130.00

  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: RCP-ABA1-XYP
  • Product Code: BS18518
  • Quantity in stock: 1
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Leitch RCP-ABA1-XYP Alphanumeric Breakaway remote Panel, Integrated Multi-format Routing and Processing


Technical Details
  • Parallel audio and video paths allow mixed matrix routing with no compromises
  • Wide range of frame sizes supports a wide variety of matrix requirements

-up to 512x512 video in 28RU
-up to 256x256 video in 15RU
-up to 128x128 video in 9RU
-up to 72x64 video in 5RU

  • New eight-channel frame sync input card for wild feed ingest and audio shuffling
  • Internal mux/demux provides discrete audio functionality in a single-frame solution
  • Fully redundant control, power and switching for 24/7 reliability

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