Leitch RCP-32x32p Router control Panel creem color 110

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: RCP-32x32p
  • Product Code: BS19385
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The panels are available in a wide range of sizes for both X-Y (32x32 to 4x4) and single bus configurations (64x1 to 4x1). Some panel configurations are achieved as alternate mappings to a panel’s default hardware configuration (for example a 16x16 panel may be configured as a dual 16x1).

For custom applications the user may choose to ignore all templates provided and configure a custom sized panel. Refer to the ordering chart on the following page for hardware and configuration options.

Leitch RCP-32x32p Router control Panel creem color 110

Technical Details


▪ Simple, button-per-crosspoint operation

▪ Available in wide range of sizes: 64x1, 32x32, 32x8, 32x1, 16x16, 16x8, 16x4, 16x1, 8x8, 8x1, 4x4, and 4x1

▪ User-definable button mapping

▪ Field lendable, backlit pushbuttons

▪ Powerful features including Panel Enable, Destination Lock/Protect, and Salvo Execute

▪ RouterMAPPER® Windows®-based panel configuration utility included

▪ 75 ohms coaxial connection for ease of installation

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