Leitch RCP-32x32p Router control Panel black

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: RCP-32x32p
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Leitch RCP-32x32p Router control Panel black

The Programmable Panel Series of router control panels combine the simplicity of button-per-crosspoint operation with the flexibility of user definable button mapping.

The button-per-crosspoint control panels may be ordered as remotes for the Integrator®, Integrator GoldTM, and PanaceaTM routing switcher series. Alternatively for Panacea routing systems, the button-per-crosspoint control panels may be installed as a local control panel mounted at the front of the frame.

All panels have back lit, positive touch pushbuttons which may be labeled using the clear film legends provided or by user customized legends printed by the panel configuration utility.

Technical Details
  • Simple, button-per-crosspoint operation
  • Available in wide range of sizes: 64x1, 32x32, 32x8, 32x1, 16x16, 16x8, 16x4, 16x1, 8x8, 8x1, 4x4, and 4x1
  •  User-definable button mapping
  •  Field lendable, backlit pushbuttons
  •  Powerful features including Panel Enable, Destination Lock/Protect, and Salvo Execute
  •  RouterMAPPER® Windows®-based panel configuration utility included
  •  75 ohms coaxial connection for ease of installation

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