Leitch mxa6800+b2d Balanced two-AES digital audio multiplexer without back

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  • Model Number: mxa6800+b2d
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The MXA6800+B2, MXA6800+B4, MXA6800+C2, and MXA6800+C4 AES Digital Audio Multiplexers embed one (B2/C2 versions) or two (B4/C4 versions) audio groups into an SDI stream. An audio MUX and processing amplifier allows the input to the embedder to be selected from any of the AES inputs. Each channel has independent gain, invert, delay, and mute adjustments.

MXA6800+ modules can be controlled at the card edge, or controlled and monitored via +PilotLite and Navigator software applications, HTTP web browser with QXF-series frames only), NUCLEUS hardware control panels, or via third-party control applications using SNMP.

Leitch mxa6800+b2d Balanced two-AES digital audio multiplexer without back 

Technical Details
  • SDI video input with auto-detect and input status feedback
  • Black video generator
  • Input audio sample rates from 32 kHz to 108 kHz
  • MUX enabling embedder input to be selected from any audio input
  • 24-bit audio processing with adjustable fade rate, gain, invert and mute
  • Adjustable audio delay up to approximately 1.3 seconds
  • C, U & V bit transparency
  • 20/24-bit audio embedding
  • Adjustable embedding group and mode
  • Supports card-edge and remote control of module (via CCS™, web browser and third-party
  • SNMP-based control systems

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