Leitch FR-3923 3RU fram with 4 ARC-3901

  • $860.00

  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: FR-3923
  • Product Code: BS18478
  • Availability: In Stock
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Leitch FR-3923 3RU fram with 4 ARC-3901

Technical Details
  • Up to 4 seconds of video delay
  • 525 / 625 SDI input
  • 4 delayed SDI outputs
  • 2 reclocked, non-delayed SDI outputs
  • HANC and VANC passed transparently
  • Auto-detect or user-selectable input video standard
  • EDH status monitoring of SDI input (presence, error count)
  • NeoScope™ video signal monitoring at card edge
  • Motion-adaptive, 4-field, 4-line conversion for enhanced vertical resolution with minimal interlace artifacts
  • Fixed and variable picture resizing ratios
  • 10-bit video processing
  • Video Index and Wide Screen Signaling handling and insertion
  • Relay bypass upon loss of power or module failure
  • VANC and HANC are passed transparently
  • Monitor BNC output with selectable “used area” overlay or key output

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