Leitch 1ru ccs EDGE DPS 576 Edge Router Protocol Translator

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Leitch  1ru ccs EDGE DPS 576 Edge Router Protocol Translator

The Platinum line of routing switchers combines a highly robust architecture with the flexibility required to future-proof your investment, delivering unsurpassed value for your large-scale routing needs. All Platinum frames provide independent signal paths and crosspoints for audio and video, allowing complete versatility regardless of matrix size. Designed to support high-quality routing of all analog and digital video and audio signals, Platinum seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a discrete audio infrastructure in a fully embedded video plant without the need for a secondary audio frame.

Continuing the tradition of innovation that has come to be the hallmark of Platinum routing systems, Harris introduces an eight-channel frame sync input card. This new option allows up to eight wild video signals to be synchronized to house reference without the use of external frames or wiring. Additionally, this new card will perform demultiplexing of up to 16 channels of embedded audio in each video stream that can then be routed independently and discretely.

Created to support 24/7 operation, Platinum routing switchers are well-suited to network, local broadcaster, mobile production, cable, telco, military, government and corporate applications — any environment that requires routing of a large number of audio and video signals.

World’s First True Embedded Audio Processing Router — A Fundamental Shift in System Design
Platinum combines the best of both high-bandwidth video signal routing and an internal TDM architecture to provide the world’s first embedded audio infrastructure router. With parallel signal paths and dedicated, redundant crosspoints for both audio and video within a single frame, Platinum can demux incoming embedded audio signals internally. All audio within the frame is presented to the TDM MAX crosspoint, routed independently and discretely, and can be multiplexed within the router into any digital video output. Additionally, utilizing the TDM crosspoint, Platinum can perform phase reversal, swap, sum and “quiet” break-away switching of audio between any discrete or embedded input and provide gain/ level adjustments on a per-channel basis.

The ability to process and route both discrete and embedded audio all within the Platinum frame eliminates the need for racks of external equipment and saves on space, cabling, troubleshooting and maintenance. All the capabilities of a discrete audio infrastructure are now available with the straightforward wiring of an embedded


Technical Details

Lowest impact block in the industry with modularity in groups of eight

Each I/O can support fiber or electrical connectivity, allowing complete configuration flexibility

3 Gb/s performance from any input to any output future-proofs your investment

 Integrated CENTRIO™ multiviewer technology simplifies design and wiring requirements

Built-in automatic A/D and D/A for audio and video eliminates external conversion

Powerful new control integration provides easy setup and configuration

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