leitch DSK-6803 Enhanced Downstream Serial Keyer Module Board L6800+D

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The Downstream Serial Keyers (DSK) 6801 and 6803 are designed to meet the need for the insertion of high-quality key signals in today’s busy production and post-production facilities. The production market is demanding increasing numbers of key insertions into program video, and the DSK-6801 and DSK-6803 are important supplements to the limited keying the capability of current production switchers.

The DSK-6801/3 modules are standalone serial digital keyers with a full complement of features, many of which are found on high-end production switchers.

leitch DSK-6803 Enhanced Downstream Serial Keyer Module Board L6800+D 

Technical Details

•Support of a 270 Mb/s 525/625 program and Fill/Key input signals. All inputs auto time, with approximately ± one-half line timing buffers.

•Error Detection Handling (EDH) on inputs and EDH insertion on the program output.

•A 10-bit program path, coupled to 12-bit internal keyers, to provide optimum quality.

•Passing of all ancillary data present in the program path. (Any embedded audio is also passed, uninterrupted.)

•Ability to use the Keyer in A/B Background Transition (Roll) mode, without keys. In this mode, the Fill path is used as a second background (B), to be wiped or faded from the program channel (A) DSK-6801 Keyer features.

Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.


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