Leitch Digital Time/Date Display Clocks DTD-5225-R

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: DTD-5225-R
  • Product Code: BS16894
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Digital Clock 

The DTD-5225/30 is an LED digital clock with a seven-segment-digits display. It may operate as a timecode-reading clock or as a digital SMPTE/EBU serial timecode reader, simply displaying the input timecode. 

In addition to SMPTE/EBU timecode, the clock can operate on the internal quartz time base, or from the 50/60 Hz power line. This three-way reference capability allows easy integration into new or existing clock systems. 

The DTD-5225 is wall mountable. As an option, adaptors are included for con-version to rackmount. The standard clock face has 2.25-inch tall digits, which may display HH:MM:SS or MM:SS.FF, depending on the DIP switch settings. The brightness of the digit LEDs is adjustable. 

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