LEITCH Audio Video Synchronizer SD X75-DPS-575AV

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LEITCH Audio Video Synchronizer SD X75-DPS-575AV


SDTV and HDTV versions

Upgradable from SDTV to HDTV

Saves space by providing synchronization, processing amplifiers, up/down/cross-conversions, 8-, 16- or 32- channel audio processing, Dolby® E and Dolby Digital® (AC-3) compression and decompression in a 1RU package

Simplifies operations via networked control

Improves monitoring via streaming capabilities

Increases format flexibility by handling analog, digital, and high definition video signals with optional embedded, analog, digital and compressed audio processing

Enhances I/O capability via HDTV optical and DVI-D interfaces

Enhances troubleshooting and maintenance capabilities via enhanced alarm, auto switchover and industry standard SNMP functionality.

Technical Details


Video Specifications   

SDI Video Input  

Standard SMPTE292M

Connector BNC (IEC169-8)

Impedance 75 ohms

Return loss >18 dB, typical, from 5 MHz to 1485 MHz

Equalization Adaptive cable equalization for up to—

388 ft (100 m), typical, of Belden 8281 co-axial cable or

492 ft (150 m), typical, of Belden 1694A co-axial cable

HDTV Fiber Video Input  

Standard SMPTE 292M, Mode B Operation

Number of inputs 1

Connector Single mode fiber, SC connector standard (FC or ST type optional)

Input wavelength 1200 to 1600 nm

Max. input power 0 dBm, typical

Sensitivity Better than -20 dBm


SD-SDI Video Input  

Standard SMPTE259M-C, 270 Mbps, 525/625 component

Connector BNC (IEC169-8)

Impedance 75 ohms

Return loss >18 dB from 5 MHz to 270 MHz

Equalization >23 dB Belden 8281 cable


S-Video Input  

Standard NTSC, PAL-M. PAL-B

Connector 4-pin DIN

Composite Video Input  

Standard NTSC (SMPTE170M), PAL-B (ITU624-2), SECAM. PAL-M

Connector BNC (IEC 169-8)

Quantization Normal mode (Non-TBC)

NTSC, PAL-B, PAL-M : 12 bits

Secam : 8 bits

TBC mode

All are 8 bits

Input level 1.0 V pk-to-pk

Impedance 75 ohms

Return loss >40 dB, 0.1 MHz to 6 MHz

Common mode range 5.0 V

CMRR 60 dB @ 50/60 Hz, 5 V pk-to-pk

Setup level range ±7.5 IRE

Frequency response ±0.1 dB, 0.1 MHz to 6 MHz

SNR 62 dB, typical

Y/C gain error < 0.1 dB

Y/C delay error <10 ns


Component Input  

Format Betacam

Connector BNC (IEC169-8)

Input level 1.0 V pk-to-pk

Quantization Normal mode (Non-TBC)


Y: 12 bits

Cb: 10 bits

Cr: 10 bits


Luma : 12 bits

Chroma: 10 bits

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