Leitch ARC-3901 Aspect Ratio Converter SD

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: ARC-3901
  • Product Code: BS18231
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The ARC-3901 is a modular, high-quality aspect ratio converter for the NEO modular range of interface products. The ARC-3901 will convert any aspect ratio picture to any other aspect ratio picture (including 4:3, 14:9, 16:9 and 21:9 with letterbox and pillar-box modes).

The Leitch ARC-3901 will perform picture aspect ratio conversion on a video signal either under manual control, or automatically by decoding the embedded aspect ratio information (wide-screen signaling or video index).

The ARC-3901 features card-edge control as well as control via Leitch's CCS control system.

The ARC-3901 is part of the NEO modular range of interface products and can be mounted in the 1RU frame (FR-3901) or the 3RU frame (FR-3903).


Technical Details
  • Video-Input 1x 75
  • Ohm terminated BNC 525/625 (270Mb/s) (SMPTE259M-C)
  • Loop-Thru Active loop (BNC SDI Loop)
  • Relay Bypass Passive loop through on card between input and main output (BNC OUT1 SDI) when boarding failure or no power
  • Cable Equalization Automatic up 21dB, 259M-C Up to 200 m of Belden 8281.
  •  All unused BNCs terminated in 75R Return Loss >15dB 5MHz to 270MHz

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