Leitch ADC-5112 Studio Wall-Mount Clock 12 Inch

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: ADC-5112
  • Product Code: BS17704
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The DAC-5000 Series clocks are designed to combine the advantages of large, easily understood analog time displays and the self-setting capability of digital SMPTE/EBU serial time code readers. This advanced automation is made possible by a unique, digitally controlled drive mechanism. A microprocessor is used to decode the digital time code information and precisely position each hand via three independent motors. The circuitry is designed to work with alternate, readily available drive signals when time code is not available. The clocks can operate with 12/24 VDC impulse drive, the internal quartz time base or from the 50/60 Hz power line. This four-way drive capability allows easy integration into any new or existing clock system.
Technical Details
  • Completely self-setting with SMPTE/EBU time code input or battery back-up
  • Sweeping or stepping second hand movement
  • Built-in quartz time base oscillator with battery back-up
  • May be configured as a time code generator to drive other clocks
  • Runs on 50/60 Hz, 115/230 VAC power line

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