Leitch 2x CSD-3901 in 3RU FR-3903

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  • Brand: LEITCH
  • Model Number: CSD-3901
  • Product Code: BS18954
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Leitch 2x CSD-3901 in 3RU FR-3903
Technical Details

MTG-3901 Input:

Support for video/genlock input from NTSC, PAL-B, PAL-M or Tri-Level Sync format sources

Support for various timecode formats and timecode user bit formats, including SMPTE/EBU drop frame or non-drop timecode formats

RS-232 interface (ASCII RS-232 300-9600 baud) supports external time reference sources, such as GPS, DCF, MSF, and France Inter (using supported radio receiver); option to split RS-232 into two serial ports for added functionality

Internal ASCII 300 baud, Bell 103 modem (on demand) that supports both call out and auto-answering features for internal and external modem operation.

Detection of embedded information for video inputs

Support for input Absolute Timing Reference (ATR) input features

Support for Network Time Protocol (NTP) via an Ethernet connection port

MTG-3901 Output:

Four independently configurable black burst video outputs on the MTG-3901, and one configurable black burst output on the CSD-3902 that support NTSC, PAL-B, PAL-M, and Tri-Level Sync

Two SMPTE/EBU serial timecode, 600Ω, or Low-Z balanced timecode outputs, each independently configurable for linear (LTC) drop frame or non-drop frame timecode and Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC)

Support for Digital Audio Reference Signal output (one unbalanced channel)

Support for impulse drive output

Time and date information output through the internal modem and RS-232 serial ports (See “MTG-3901 Input Features” above)

Support for Absolute Timing Reference (ATR) output features

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