Leitch 1RU Mounting Frame FR-3901 with Master Clock Driver CSD-3901 card

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NEO frames have been designed with the future in mind, offering flexibility for multiple applications of use, and housing any combination of video/audio analog/digital conversion and distribution modules. The frames offer an easy upgrade path of video and audio from analog and SDI to HD-SDI for broadcast, post-production, cable and telco applications requiring monitoring and control capability of incoming and outgoing feeds. There are two frame sizes available for NEO products (1RU and 3RU). The 1RU frame holds four NEO products, a single power supply, a fan module and a resource module or alarm interconnect module. In addition to supporting open, documented CCS™ Protocol, the NEO advanced applications platform offers optional SNMP support, direct to the frame, with support of both SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c. SNMP support is key for facility-wide monitoring applications and offers an industry-standard interface to address interoperability between multiple vendors. For added flexibility, the FR-3923-E supports HTTP for simple, web-based control.

The CSD-3901 replicates major functions of the CSD-5300 with enhanced functionality. The CSD-3901 has the ability to lock to a master time reference via several standard and optional interfaces, these include GPS, Modem and Ethernet (NTP) and RS-232. The CSD-3901 would then distribute time-code to clocks and other devices requiring timecode. The CSD-3901 consists of a front module and back module. An FR-3901 or FR-3903 frame is required. Local control panel (resource module required) or card edge controls are used for control. Optional modules include the GPI-3901 GPI and Marker Beep module and the IRB3901 IRIG-B Interface module. This module, as is the case with all modules in the NEO family, can be controlled locally via a front-edge display or by remote communications allowing for remote control, monitoring and diagnostics using hardware control panels and/or a GUI

Technical Details


Capacity of four modules in the FR-3901 and twelve modules in the FR-3903

Wide variety of possible applications for analog, SDTV and HDTV

Supports electrical and optical interfaces

Power and cooling capabilities for any module combination

Alarms provided for fan failure

Ethernet interface for remote control and monitoring (using the 3901RES-E module)

LCN (Leitch Co-axial Network) Interface

Debug and upload RS-232 interface

Front-loading hot-swappable modules, fans, power supplies, and resource modules

Optional redundant power supply (FR-3903 only)

Optional redundant resource module (FR-3903 only)

Indicators - Three, LED's for power and major/minor alarms

Major and Minor alarm dry contact relay outputs

Product specific rear interface panels

Product modules, fan module, power supply retained in position when front panel is closed for mobile truck

-Modular clock driver

-Card-edge control

-Optional Menu driven Front Panel interface with TIME


-GPS Interface for time reference (standard)

-Timecode input

-SMPTE/EBU Drop Frame or non-drop Timecode (Time/Date)

-Programmable DST Settings

-Built in modem for dial in/out

-Multiple Timecode outputs each independently

configurable for Timecode (drop-non-drop, offsets)

-Ethernet port for supplying NTP (network time protocol)

-Command Control System (CCS) Enabled

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