Leader LV5800 3G HD SD-SDI Multi-Monitor Platform with 58SER01A and 58SER20 option

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  • Brand: Leader
  • Model Number: LV5800
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The LV 5800 is a new type of multi monitor that allows you freely configure various input and output units according to your application. You can construct a versatile system by combining dedicated input and output units. In particular, simultaneous display and error monitoring of multiple SDI inputs are possible, and four-waveform parade display on the waveform monitor is also supported.

Technical Details
  • Four Input Slots

Up to four input units can be inserted. Each input unit operates independently.

  • Two Output Slots

Up to two output units can be inserted. Each output unit operates independently.

  • Display Function

Employs a color TFT LCD monitor with XGA resolution (1,024 x 768). The display function of each unit can be displayed on a full screen or 4 screen multi display. The 4 screen display allows arbitrary combination of signals of different input units to be displayed.

  • USB Connector

Screen captures, records of data, and presets can be stored by connecting a USB memory to the USB connector on the front panel.

  • Ethernet Connector

Remote control through TELNET or FTP, error monitoring, and file transfer are possible by connecting a PC to the Ethernet connector on the rear panel.

  • Remote Connector

The remote connector on the rear panel allows recalling of presets, detection of errors, and switching of inputs.

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