Leader LT4400 Multi Format Video Generator HD tri-level sync

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Leader LT4400 Multi Format Video Generator HD tri-level sync

The compact 1U half-rack sized, LT 4400 Multiformat Video Generator is applicable to both HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems. The various output capabilities are provided: color bar, SDI check field test pattern, ID characters, logomark in QVGA size, safety-area marker, superimposing embedded audio, genlock mode to synchronize external reference signal, and three inde- pendent analog black signal systems.

Technical Details
  • Applicable to both HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems

Applicable to both HDTV (18 types of HDTV formats) and SDTV (525i/59.94, 625i/50) systems. The HDTV or SDTV can be selected.

  • Superimposing ID characters

The ID characters can be superimposed at the arbitrary posi- tion on the screen. The character blinks to indicate the freeze status.

  • Superimposing logomark

A logo mark up to 320 (pixel) x 240 (line) in QVGA size can be super imposed at an arbitrary position on the screen. The logo mark is converted from the bit map to four-grade mono- chrome data.

  • Safety-area marker

The 90 % and 80 % safety-area markers can be superim- posed on the screen.

The 4:3 aspect-ratio marker can also be superimposed in HDTV format.

  • Superimposing embedded audio

The 16 channels of embedded audio signals (4 channels x 4 groups) can be superimposed. The frequency and level can be respectively set for each channel.

  • Stay-in sync function

This function ensures the stable operation in genlock mode even when the external reference signal is accidentally inter- mitent.

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