KVM Extension System Transmitter & Receiver

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  • Brand: Scene Double
  • Model Number: SDBX/DA2
  • Product Code: BS17451
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A basic KVM extension system comprises a Local unit (transmitter) and a remote unit (receiver). The Local unit connects directly to the computer (or a KVM switch system) using the supplied cable(s). The user console (keyboard, mouse, and monitors) attaches to the Remote unit. The Remote and Local units communicate video and data information along with the connecting CATx cables.

Technical Details
  • An SDBX CATx KVM Extender kit contains the following:
  • 1 x Local unit • 1 x Remote unit • 1 x Remote unit 9V PSU
  • 1 x IEC power cord
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x KVM CPU combination cable (1.0m) with PS/2 (6-pin mini din male) keyboard and mouse connectors, VGA video (HD15 male) connector, and 25-way (DB25 male)
  • extender connector.
  • 1 x CPU video cable (1.0m) with VGA video (HD15 male/female) connectors
  • 1 x Serial cable (1.0m), DB9 male/female, 1:1 connections  (SDBX/SA2-1 and SDBX/DA2 only)
  • 1 x Dual audio cable, (1.0m), 3.5mm jack plugs (SDBX/SA2-1 and SDBX/DA2 only) 

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