Klotz VADIS 212 Interface

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Klotz  212 VADIS MAINFRAME  extended version with two PSUs 

The VADIS 212 is a compact audio router, which uses the modular architecture of the VADIS router line. The VADIS mainframe V 212x can be used for AEON console  for 

• Audio routing

• Fiber optic distribution

• Format conversion 

Each V 212x mainframe can be equipped with up to 10 audio/data interface and DSP plug-in cards, which can be combined freely.
There are interface plug-in cards for the conversion of formats like:
• Balanced analog audio

• AES3
• AES3-id
• MADI etc.

its includes the below cards

2x    V60 DSP cards

2x    V639   D/A2-8 cards

1x    V738 AES out card

1x    V126/1 Fiber I/O card

1x    V618 A/D Card

1x    V719 AES IN 8 SRC  card

1x    V344 MIC PREAMP card

Technical Details


• 19” rack mount housing
• Powered by an integrated fanless PSU
• Expandable with an additional PSU for redundancy
• 10 slots for VADIS plug-in cards
• Battery-buffered RAM
• Hot-swap function for the exchange of plug-in cards during operation • 8 GPI inputs and outputs
• Ethernet interface for service and control purposes
• Connectors for clock signal input/output
• Connector for AES/EBU sync input
• 24 bit digital audio 

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