Klotz AEON 12 channel console

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Klotz AEON 12 channel console

To develop a digital on-air mixing console that is unbeatable in value and perfor- mance KLOTZ DIGITAL combined its extensive expertise in digital audio console and routing technology with future oriented production methods. The result: AEON, a compact and powerful networkable mixing console with performance parameters. AEON merges modern high-tech design with a wide array of functions and is especially suitable for mid-size radio stations.

AEON is based on VADIS, the digital audio network platform by KLOTZ DIGITAL. Therefore it contains sophisticated technology and components to be integrated in an audio network.

This audio mixer have

3x  Fader Module:  each module have 4 fader channels 

1x   The Monitor-/DSP-/Control Module 

1X    The AEON Audio Router

The AEON audio and DSP mainframe offers 10 card slots for operation-specific cards in a fanless compact case. The frame's 32 bit TDM bus guarantees maximum quality. Adaptation to the digital environment is achieved through various synchronization methods. Multichannel audio links to additional devices, such as a central matrix or other studios, are implemented via fiber-optic connections as well as OCTO-BUS studio network devices. The AEON audio router offers maximum flexibility. 

Technical Details

NUMBER of faders:    12 

Monitor-/DSP-/Control module:     1 

Stereo busses (PGM, REC, PFL, MixMinus 3, AUX)     5 

Mono busses (MixMinus 1 and 2)    2

Analog stereo monitor outputs    4

DSP cards for mixing, gain, level meter, 4-band parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, sine tone generator     4

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