K18 Probes for the Network and Service Analyzer

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The NSA solution combines K18 probes with the Network and Service Analyzer suite of software applications. NSA is a completely scalable solution, starting from a few links (stand-alone probe) to a high number of links (multiple probes), to address the varied needs of network operators and equipment manufacturers. Different versions of the K18 probes exist, for the different physical interfaces used in telecommunication networks: STM-1/OC-3 (including channelized STM-1), E1/DS1/J1, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet.

K18 probes are designed for the highest requirements in terms of data capturing. Data processing is offloaded to an external PC or Server, to minimize the acquisition cost and to offer the maximum performance scalability. K18 probes perform first-level processing at line rate speed: filters, such as the UTRAN Control Plane/User Plane, ATM VPI/VCI, Ethernet VLAN, IP Address Ranges frame reassembling, such as AAL-2 reassembling, IP reassembling, other sophisticated functions, such as auto-configuration of UTRAN logical channels.

K18 monitors 2G/3G/4G networks: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, and Mobile WiMAX. Specific NSA applications address the different stages of technology development, from feature and system tests in labs to live network troubleshooting and optimization. 

High-Performance Passive Monitoring Solution:

Solve network and service problems faster by having full visibility of network traffic in life and in load test conditions

 Reduce total cost of ownership by modularity, scalability and inexpensive upgrades to faster external processors

Meet time-to-market objectives to test and deploy the latest mobile network technologies, including 4G

The unique combination of high- performance and extreme portability

Modular scaleable solution can grow from installation test to network optimization 


Technical Details

The completely scalable platform, starting from a single probe (2x STM-1/OC-3 or 8x E1/DS/J1 or 4x GbE bi-directional links) to a high number of links (multiple time-synchronized probes)

Excellent portability for field installation and maintenance activities Reliable rack-mounted stationary monitoring for test plant, operation and maintenance, and network optimization activities

Exceeding 400 Mbps stream-to-disk performance for long term capture without data loss 100% line rate, state-of-the-art hardware filters for data reduction

Time synchronization between different probes enabling multi-Interface, multi-Protocol, delay-sensitive measurements and applications

Real-time analysis or subsequent offline investigations Auto-configuration of IMA groups by NSA software when used with channelized STM-1 or E1/DS1/J1 ATM probes


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