JUNGER V01 Digital voice and monitor processor

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  • Brand: JUNGER
  • Model Number: V01
  • Product Code: BS18339
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JUNGER V01 Digital voice and monitor processor is a high-quality digital voice processor. It should serve as a convenient microphone preamplifier combined with sophisticated digital signal processing for the improvement of voice recordings. It has inputs for microphones and furthermore digital signal sources and it has analog and digital outputs.

The digital voice processor guarantees the desired sound settings of voice recordings over the microphone input. Processing of recorded voices can be made using the additional digital signal input or the high-level analogue input. JUNGER V01 is in stock with bs broadcast

Technical Details
  • microphone input with 24 bit A/D converter
  • digital voice processor (Gain, AGC, expander, compressor, de-esser, filter, limiter)
  • free running digital input with sample rate conversion
  • digital limiter prevents clipping and overlevel
  • digital and balanced analog output
  • storage of personal presets with the aid of rapid memory key (also usable for V01)

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