JUNGER C8903 5V 6A wide input range power supply unit for C8932

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JUNGER C8903 5V 6A wide input range power supply unit for C8932

If the power fail signal is used for monitoring purposes it is extremely important to set the output voltage within a range of +/- 10mV for both power supplies. If the total current is less then 3,2A it may otherwise happen that one of the two power supplies will take over full load. This is not a technical problem but it will activate the power fail signal!

If you need to exchange one of the parallel operating power supplies you must set the output voltage of the remaining one to +5,00V (second one removed). Now you must insert the new one and remove the other party temporarily (be sure the new one is operating properly). The new one must now be set to +5,00V +/- 10mV. Now you can reinsert the other one for parallel operation. Both modules will perform the load balancing automatically.

Junger Audio uses an OEM power supply module. For technical details please refer to the documentation of the OEM.


Technical Details

• 5V/16A power supply

• Parallel power supply operation

• Auto switch over for fail save operation

• Power fail signal if only one of the two parallel PS is on line

• Front side LED power indicator

• Front side potentiometer to set the output voltage


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