JUNGER C8830 SYNC Module for C8000 and C8934 Frame

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JUNGER C8830 SYNC Module for C8000 and C8934 Frame

In standard applications, the sync-module C8830 is the central clock source for a C8000 frame.

It provides all necessary clocks for proper system operation and can be synchronised internally or externally. You must keep in mind that the audio signal distribution and processing within a C8000 frame is strictly synchronous. Therefore a reliable clock source is as important for the system performance as a reliable power supply.

Important note! For proper Dolby-E synchronization the C8830 provides a frame sync puls for the Dolby E encoder [see VIDEO-REF at C8611 Dolby E encoder]. It must be derived from a 25 or 30fps BB (or their fractional representatives).

It is physically impossible to match Dolby E data frames with progressive HD frame rates. These frames are too short for the Dolby E data rate. Therefore Dolby E data frames will span over two progressive HD video frames. I.e. to generate Dolby E encoded signals one must use a HD synchronous black burst derived from the HD master SPG of a facility.


Technical Details


•Standard sync module for a C8000 frame

•Generates a Dolby-E frame sync reference

•Internal sync @ 44.1 / 48 / 96kHz

•External sync : AES, Word Clock, Video Reference

•Video Reference :
Black Burst (NTSC or PAL)

Composite Sync (525 or 625)

Tri Level Sync (HD - 720p, 1080i, 1080p)

•LOCK indicator

•Master / slave (redundant) operation with two C8830

•SLAVE indicator

•Word Clock output

Front panel rotary SOURCE selector


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