JUNGER C8702 LAN-controller: Ethernet, TCP/IP, Webserver, SNMP

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Important Note! For high density applications with C8491 or C8492 status display and C8492(B) compact modules, it is possible to operate the CAN bus if 1MBit/s is used: with 1MBit/s to increase the internal bandwidth for loudness logging and metering. After power-up the C8702 checks the CAN bus and automaticlly sets its CAN bus speed accordingly. If by accident one inserts a low speed module afterwards,the C8702 will enter "CAN bus off mode" and will reboot after a while until that module is removed.

Don't mix up modules which are set to different CAN bus speeds.

For loudenss logging, live plot or bar graph display you must use the J*AM from version 2.9.0 and higher.


Technical Details

• TCP/IP over Ethernet interface for C8000 frames

•CAN bus interface 125kbit/s or 1Mbit/s

•WEB server for set up and monitoring of C8k modules

•EmBER plus protocol for 3rd party applications

•Optional SNMP agent

•Front side RJ45 Ethernet connector

•Front side RJ45 CAN connector

•Front side 9-pin serial (RS232) service connector

•Front side INIT button

•Front side STATUS LED

•Three tier security schema with password checking


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