JL Cooper MIDI Desktop Automation Controllers ES-8/100

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  • Model Number: ES-8/100
  • Product Code: BS16530
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The ES-4/100 and ES-8/100 are 8-channel automation controllers. They can control stand -alone MIDI equipment or, computer-based applications such as audio editing, music production, video editing, animation and scientific visualization. 


  • Controls MIDI, audio, video and animation applications
  • 4 or 8 100mm touch sensitive, motorized faders
  • 8 virtual faders available via bank switching (ES-4/100)
  • Select, Solo, Mute and Aux keys
  • Implements all functions of JLCooper MCS-3000x
  • Physically compatible with MCS3S and
    other MCS-Pro series products in the deep chassis
  • Durable, compact all-metal construction
  • Single captive cable minimizes footprint
  • HUI emulation 

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