JK Audio RemoteMix C+ Portable Remote Mixer with telephone hybrid

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RemoteMix C is a professional audio mixer and headphone amplifier designed to interface with any standard analog telephone line. This telephone hybrid operates on batteries or AC power. Simply plug your audio equipment into RemoteMix C+ and connect to a phone line. You can now put on headphones, plug in a microphone, and you are ready to broadcast the game or talk up a taped interview.

The RCA type jacks on RemoteMix C+ are equivalent to the jacks found on most home tape recorders, CD players, and receiver/amplifiers. There are two balanced XLR microphone inputs and the first one can be switched for mic or line level input. The balanced line level XLR output jack provides a high quality connection to mixers and professional tape gear. The adjustable hybrid circuit provides control over the mix of transmit and receive audio at the output jacks.

JK Audio RemoteMix C+ Portable Remote Mixer with telephone hybrid

Technical Details




Mic/Line: Handset:


Unbalanced: Balanced: Headphone:

Phone Line: Keypad:

RCA phono jack 50 k ohms
250 mV RMS
(2) Female XLRs 1000 ohms

FCC Part 15 Compliance

Input Impedance
Input Impedance
Line switch on Mic 1
Modular 4pin/4wire handset jack Electret /dynamic microphone bias.

Output Impedance Level
Output Impedance Level
Output Impedance Power

Connector Isolation Ringer (REN)

RCA phono jack 50 ohms
250 mV RMS Male XLR

200 ohms
500 mV RMS
1/4" stereo jacks 8 ohms
1 watt per channel

RJ-11C 1500 volts 1.2B

DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) or Pulse Dialing


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