JK Audio RemoteMix 3 Remote Portable Phone Hybrid

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  • Brand: JK Audio
  • Model Number: RemoteMix 3
  • Product Code: BS17383
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The JK Audio RemoteMix 3 is a combined telephone line hybrid mixer and universal handset interface. JK Audio combined an audio mixer, headphone amplifier, telephone hybrid, and PBX telephone interface in one rugged unit. It’s perfect for remote broadcasts, sporting events, and field reporting from any location. Simply plug the JK Audio RemoteMix 3 into an analog phone line, connect a couple of microphones and headphones, and you’re ready to call into the station. 

Technical Details

Two XLR Microphone Inputs

Two ¼" Headphone Jacks

RCA Line Input

RCA Line Output

Balanced XLR Output

Universal Handset Interface

RJ-11 Jack

Time Delayed Peak Limiter and VU


Push to Talk Condenser

Microphone and Monitor Speaker

Runs 36 hours on two 9V batteries

AC adapter included

DTMF / Pulse Keypad

Keypad Lockout Switch

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