Isilon IQ NL-Series 36NL - NAS server - 36 TB Series IQ 36NL Node: 4U node with 36.0TB capacity

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The challenge of cost-effectively storing and managing data is an ever-growing concern. You also have to weigh the cost of storing certain aging data sets against the need for quick access. Meeting this challenge requires a solution that bridges the gap between high-performance but costly, primary storage and inexpensive, but management-intensive, off-line storage solutions. 

The Isilon NL-Series scale-out storage solution rede nes the economics of nearline storage by combining near-primary accessibility, near-tape value and ease of use. 

High Value: The EMC Isilon NL-Series is built for highly exible, cost-effective, large-capacity storage. Each EMC Isilon NL node houses 36 SATA Hard Disk Drives (1TB, 2TB or 3TB) in a 4U chassis, allowing you to seamlessly scale up to 15.5 PB in a single le system. 

Simplicity: You can con gure and bring an EMC Isilon NL-Series cluster online in as little as 10 minutes. With a single pool of storage with a global namespace— the NL-Series eliminates the need for multiple volumes, thereby greatly simplifying the management of your big data environment. 

Breakthrough Ef ciency and Economics: The NL-Series offers the ultimate in storage economics with low acquisition costs and ultra-low overhead. With EMC Isilon, you can achieve highly ef cient utilization rates—over 80 percent versus 50 percent for traditional NAS or SAN storage. This means you need fewer spindles to provide the same amount of usable storage

Isilon IQ NL-Series 36NL - NAS server - 36 TB Series   IQ 36NL Node: 4U node with 36.0TB capacity

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