Snell & Wilcox IQDSDR/-R Re-Clocking Serial D. A.

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  • Brand: Snell & Wilcox
  • Model Number: IQDSDR
  • Product Code: BS17820
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The IQDSDR-1, IQDSDR-1A and the IQDSDR-2/ -2A are re-clocking Serial Digital distribution amplifiers providing 5, 7 or 10 outputs. The IQDSDR-1(1A)-R and the IQDSDR-2(2A)-R allow remote monitoring of signal presence and standard selection via the RollCall remote control system.These modules handle 143, 177 and 270 Mbit/s SDI signals and include equalization and buffering.

In addition the five outputs of the IQDSDR-1, outputs 1,3,4,6 and 7 of the IQDSDR-1A, outputs 6 to 10 of the IQDSDR-2 and outputs 1 to 5 of the IQDSDR-2A are positive polarity (not inverted) buffered outputs suitable for use with 270 Mbit/s ASI serial streams. Standards selection is made automatically or manually with a switch.

Technical Details
  • Performs equalization and reclocking of a serial 4:2:2/4fsc signal.
  • Provides up to 10 buffered outputs
  • Input equalizer and reclocking allows for use as a line receiver/ distribution amplifier
  • Auto/manual Input format detect, selectable via a front card edge switch
  • Input signal loss indicator LED on the front card edge
  • Single and double width rear modules available
  • RollCall controlled option available

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