Ikegami HLM-1510R 15″ HDTV/SDTV Multi-Format LCD Color Monitor

  • $840.00

  • Brand: Ikegami
  • Model Number: HLM-1510R
  • Product Code: BS17769
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The HLM-1711WR employs a 17inch LCD panel in WXGA (1280768) with wide critical viewing angle, excellent brightness and contrast, fast response time, and faithful color reproduction. It provides HDTV/SDTV multi-format SDI and VBS inputs as standard and achieves space-saving, light weight, and low power consumption.

Technical Details

Factory Option] EA-171DML Audio Demux module with EA-900A provides 2 channels of analog embedded audio outputs.

•The output channels can be chosen by menu among ch1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8.

•The audio can also output to the front speaker. note that EA-900A cannot co-reside with EA-900D digital 

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