2101 Hybrid hub

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  • Model Number: Hybrid hub
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The powerful Series 2101 Hub connects and coordinates all digital phone lines and distributes them to multiple studios.

Direct use of ISDN PRI (T-1 and E-1) lines. Just plug them in and you’re done—with absolutely no analog conversion necessary.

Use of digital phone lines allow far better send-to-caller levels compared to equipment using analog lines.

2101 gives you the flexibility to control any show from any studio. Its thin-wire "hub-and-spoke" architecture lets you

Series 2101 makes incoming callers sound like they’re right in the studio, thanks to the use of refined adaptive cancellation and three-band dynamic equalization technology made famous in our time-proven Telos 100 Delta hybrid.

Advanced Desktop Director control stations help your producers and talent interact quickly and easily. Easy-to-read graphic icons called Status SymbolsTM convey precise information at a glance. Choose the standard 12-caller Desktop Director, or 24-caller Extended Desktop Director for extra production flexibility

Telos TWO Dual Digital Hybrids can optionally be added for seamless control of four hybrids per studio

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